Amy Drenth

Amy Drenth, 35, lives in Jenison with her husband and three young children. She was diagnosed in 2022 with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and discovered The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan when preparing for her stem cell transplant. Amy has truly utilized the holistic assistance that makes BCFM unique. We’re privileged to be by her side, providing the stability and hope she deserves. Here’s a glimpse into Amy’s journey, in her own words:

“Dumbfounded, I learned that the crippling pain I had been experiencing for a year and a half actually had a name: stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Terrified, with results in my hand, I knew I had to ruin the lives of my loved ones that day and somehow make sense of the road ahead of me to my three young children.

Cancer was attacking every good cell in my body. It kept me up at night, leaving me stuck on the couch instead of being with my family. As if six months of chemotherapy wasn’t life-altering enough, I also needed a stem cell transplant. I knew the battle would get expensive, and my mission became using the bit of energy I had to find financial and emotional support for my family.

When my stem cell transplant providers pointed me to The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to lift a finger. My Patient Support Specialist, Brittany, did it all. She tracked down my appointments for mileage reimbursement, and personally connected with me to check on how I was doing and ensure I received information for upcoming events.

Unlike any other organization, I didn’t have to ask to receive support. Brittany tracked me down to see how BCFM could help me, especially during my stem cell transplant that separated me from my family for three weeks.

Making memories with my husband, daughters, and son helped me overcome the roughest days during active treatment and sustained me on my journey to survivorship. The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan has not only supported my family financially but also emotionally. My children had the opportunity to tie-dye shirts, enjoy goodies from the ice cream truck, and even win a trip to the Air Zoo at the BCFM summer picnic.

At the end of summer, I learned that patient funding would be capped for the year, due to the amount of families in need and available funds. It breaks my heart that so many people have to experience cancer.

The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan has made my time with family full of joy and fun, and we are better off. BCFM goes the extra mile to support my health, and they encourage my kids to be kids in a season of caring for mom.”

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