An open letter to the social workers at BCFM...

In honor of Social Work Month, it’s important to recognize all of the amazing things you accomplish on a regular basis. Usually public recognition is related to the responsibilities of your jobs here at BCFM, however there are so many things deserving of recognition that often go unnoticed. It goes without saying that you are fantastic at providing emotional support, financial assistance, resources, and events for our patients and families, but I'd like to share some of the things I see that make you not only outstanding social workers, but also exceptional human beings:


  • The amount of time you spend finding the perfect resources for each person you come in contact with, regardless of how common or obscure the need, or how long it takes
  • The amount of time you spend helping your fellow team members find resources for patients they’re supporting when they feel they’ve expended all their options
  • Your willingness to travel all the way across the state to ensure the team is supported and we are able to pull off successful patient and family events
  • The difficult conversations and tears that are shed when your patients and families share bad news with you and you feel helpless to do anything
  • The huge smile on your face when a patient thanks you for helping them through a difficult situation
  • Your offering to “volunteer” your time to help out with agency needs
  • The joy and satisfaction you experience when you find the EXACT toys that children ask for during our Holiday Toys program
  • The confidence you feel when you express that we need to be doing more for our patients, then proceed to give me a laundry list of how to do so


Thank you for making my job easier because I never have to worry about your dedication to the job or quality of support you’re providing. Thank you for making my job more difficult by continuing to challenge the way we provide services and by never being afraid to speak up about how we can be improving. A month is not nearly enough time to recognize all the ways you continue to impress me.


Melissa Antoncic, BCFM's Director of Patient Support

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